About TrendSound


2018 is our first year of establishment on PEI.

The founder has more than 10 years of retail related experience in China. There is a strong partnership for various channels. Our goal is to provide the world's top quality and affordable products to PEI residents. As a manufacturer of most of the world's products, Chinese, the founder has great advantages to access a lot of quality and affordable products. With the settlement to Prince Island, we want to introduce the interesting things we have been exposed to the islanders of PEI.

About our partners

Our partner is a company founded in Shenzhen in 2009. They have their own R&D, design, production and sales teams. Their name means base on the user. It means that all products should be based on the user experience. At the beginning of the establishment, the product design was mainly based on the protection of tempered film and mobile phone case. However, with the gradual expansion of the market and the iterative update of the product, a professional hardware development team was established. At present, 8 perfect product lines have been established, focusing on R & D and design of mobile phone shell cover, car bracket, car charger, data cable, charger, mobile power, audio, headphones, and other original mobile phone peripherals.